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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does this all work? You check in with us at our downtown Leavenworth location.  get on the van, which gives you a ride to the river launch point., then float down the river and get out just down the hill from our office. Then you walk up and you are back where you started.

How long does it take? We usually keep the float between 1 - 3 hours.  We have a 4 mile float on the Icicle River from June-July. That gets too low to float, so in August and September, we go to a 2 mile float on the Wenatchee River. You have the tubes until we close, which is 6pm. Many people will stop on beaches to swim or sunbath, really making the trip an entire afternoon adventure. If you float straight down without stopping, the time will depend on the water level and changes daily. You can ask average float times upon your arrival.

What are your hours of operation? During the regular season we are open from 10am-6pm. 7 days a week.  Last trip during summer is 4pm.  In September the last trip start time each day is 3pm.

What are your tubes and equipment like? Our tubes are custom designed by us and manufactured right here in Leavenworth. They have a mesh bottom with an additional hammock seat to sit in. It also has an inflatable back rest. There is a pocket for a water bottle and an additional pocket to put sunscreen or flip flops in. We do not have double tubes, though you can connect up to three together, which is ideal for young children.  Our kayaks are hard shell sit on top, single kayaks (no tandems). They have a space behind the seat for water and even dry bags. Our paddleboards are inflatable Uli and NRS boards, perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Do you have an age and/or weight limit? All ages are welcome to go tubing. Each kid has to have their own tube, regardless of age, though you can attach the kid's tube to your own. Also, all kids get life jackets. Minimum age for kayaking and paddleboarding is 8 years old. Scenic rafting any age can come.. The weight limit for all of our equipment is 250lbs.  

Can my child or dog ride in the tube with me?  Yes, but only for a short time.  Kids and dogs larger than 10 pounds can get a little heavy on your lap and tie up your hands.  Kids should have their own tube, even if they are just an infant.  Think of the extra tube like a stroller, it doesn't take much to keep it with you and it gives you a great place to put the kid when they fall asleep.  We have infant life jackets and you can attach their tube to your own while they lay in the hammock. The tube gets too tippy if you have a baby or toddler squirming in your lap. Dogs less than 10lbs can sit on your lap, but after that, they must have a dog tube. Trust us, it is more enjoyable that way.

What are cooler and dog tubes? These tubes have no seat or backrest. For dogs, flip the tube over, connect it to your own tube and your dog floats on top of the tube. It does come with a dog life jacket. All dogs weighing over 10lbs need their own tube. Cooler tubes also have no seat or backrest and then one of our 48qt coolers fits down inside of it. You can bring your own cooler, but still need to rent a tube. You do need to bring your own ice and fix-ins. We have a no alcohol policy on the river, so make sure you do not bring any alcohol.

What if I can't swim?We highly recommend that you know how to swim before participating in any river activities. This is not a lazy river at an amusement park with life guards. You are in a natural environment and should feel comortable in water and fit enough to take care of yourself should you find yourself away from your tube, kayak or paddleboard. We have life jackets and recommend that you wear one. If you can’t swim, at least one person in your party should be a strong swimmer

Is alcohol allowed on the river? Alcohol is not recommended.  Alcohol is not allowed out in the open, but there is no enforcement on the river.  Alcohol is not allowed in any city parks, and that includes the 2 mile put in and the take out. There is a great beer garden right next door, family friendly with live music a lot of the time. You can enjoy a cold beverage after you get off the water

Can we bring our own equipment and still get a ride to the river?Yes, $5 per person, equipment or none.  Equipment needs to fit in our roof racks. *Walk-in's and by availability only.

Do you offer military discounts?  Yes, military personnel receive $5 off with valid ID.  Not valid Saturdays.  When you're making a reservation you can indicate the number of people that are eligible for the discount on the reservation form and then bring your ID with you and if you are a walk in guest you present your ID when you're checking in.  

What to wear or bring questions

What do we wear? You should wear a bathing suit, board/swim shorts, sunglasses, hat, and river sandals such as Keens, Chacos, or Tevas. You can wear flip flops and put them in the pocket of your tube, as well. Make sure to bring sunscreen, as well.

Do you have lockers and changing rooms? We have free key and bag check in our office to leave your stuff, such as towels and other things you do not want to get wet or lose. We have bathrooms and changing rooms in our equipment area.

What else do I need? You should bring water, sunscreen, maybe a snack for the kids.

Transportation and parking Questions

Where are you located? We are located at 321 9th street. It is in downtown Leavenworth. From HWY 2, turn onto 9th street into downtown. Go straight on 9th street. We are just after the hospital on your right at the end of the street. You will see paddleboards, bikes, tubes, and kayaks out front.

Where can I park when I get there? There is a pay lot behind our building that you can use. There is also free parking on the street if you can find it. You can also turn into Waterfront Park at the end of 9th street. Parking is free in the park and also free to park on the hillside of the street. There are pay lots around town, so give yourself plenty of time as you may have to park a few blocks away.

Cancellation Policy: You can reschedule or get a full refund if you call or email by 6pm the night before your trip. If you do not cancel by the deadline or do not show up, we do not do refunds. We also do not do refunds or reschedules for poor weather day of your trip. We put people out rain or shine, so check the weather before your trip.