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Review Process

The LOC accepts donation requests May-September. We will review requests once a month and decide five (5) organizations to give to for that month. Everyone will be notified by the last day of the month they requested the donation. Please do not call to inquire about the status of your donation request; we will contact you directly after review. Thanks for thinking of the Leavenworth Outdoor Center! We wish you the best of luck in your fundraising efforts!

Dave Johnson
Owner of the Leavenworth Outdoor Center

Application INstructions

If you feel that your organization matches the criteria to the left, please email havefun@leavenworthoutdoorcenter.com with the following information:

Email title: donation request for name of organization

Email body: Please include the following information
o Name of the event
o Description of the event and, specifically, what the funds raised will go towards
o Date of the event
o Date donation needs to arrive for the auction
o  Contact information: name, email, phone number, mailing address

Attachments: Please include the following information o Procurement form with 501(c)(3) number on it o Formal business letter requesting the donation


Requesting organization and beneficiaries must reside in Washington State

Requests must be submitted at least one month (30 days) prior to your event

Requests must be made electronically to havefun@LeavenworthOutdoorCenter.com. No written requests will be considered.

Requesting organization must benefit one of the causes outlined above

Requesting organization has 501(c) (3) status


Thanks for thinking of us as a partner in your fundraising efforts. We focus our efforts on organizations that do work for the environment, getting kids outdoors, and any local organizations in the Plain-Leavenworth-Wenatchee area. If your organization meets the following qualifications and our donation committee selects your organization as a beneficiary, then you will receive two (2) vouchers for rafting or Stand-up Paddleboard. If rafting or SUPing are not your first two choices, you can use the amount on the vouchers towards any of the other activities we offer at the Leavenworth Outdoor Center.

Causes we support

Environmental conservation and education

Youth programs that encourage participation in outdoor activities

Local organizations in the Plain-Leavenworth-Wenatchee area

Community Involvement

Here at the Leavenworth Outdoor Center, we believe in the triple bottom line—that businesses should focus on people and the planet in addition to profits. We feel it is our responsibility to engage in the local community to create a world that is worth playing in for generations to come! Our owner, Dave Johnson, has been very involved in the Leavenworth community since he first moved here 30 years ago. He cares deeply about the world that he plays in and taking care of those that love it too. 

2018 Wenatchee River Clean up
When: Dates TBD
Where: Meet at the Leavenworth Outdoor Center
Why: To enjoy the sun, keep our rivers clean for years to come, drink beer from and get prizes from the Leavenworth Outdoor Center!